Location, location, location. It’s arguably the most important criteria to consider before investing in a commercial property. While countless hours and dollars are spent on market research, building and systems inspections, and other due diligence, environmental risks can sometimes be overlooked. At Monument Commercial Inspections, we offer a report that is designed to identify potential environmental liabilities at and nearby a property. Request a proposal now or call (904) 660-2915 to speak with one of our experienced team members.

Similar in function to a Phase I Environmental report, our non-intrusive service includes the review of the following as they apply to the property:

  • Underground leaking oil tanks
  • Hazardous waste sites and landfills
  • Signs of illegal drug manufacturing
  • Industrial or agricultural contamination
  • Contamination from toxic spills
  • Impact from neighboring properties
  • U.S. EPA’s top cleanup priority properties
  • National Wetlands Inventory map (1 mile radius)
  • Flood zone map (1 mile radius)
  • Environmental map (1 mile radius)
Environmental Impact Assessments in Jacksonville FL

Knowledge is Power

It’s impossible to know everything about a property, but it’s wise to discover as much information as you can prior to making decisions. Some of the most costly and dangerous hazards can actually exist outside a building and could contaminate the water, soil, and air on the property. These issues are often found underground and can include toxic substances that were leaked, spilled, or dumped in the past.

By having Monument Commercial provide a Neighborhood Environmental Report (somewhat similar in function to a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment report, without the expense), you’ll know much more about the property’s historical and current condition. The report compiles information from over 1,400 databases to screen for potential environmental liabilities at the property and neighboring properties.

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Environmental Impact Assessments in Jacksonville FL

Located in Jacksonville, FL, and serving St. Augustine, Gainesville, and beyond, Monument Commercial Inspections provides detailed and professional environmental impact reports. Additionally, we offer commercial building inspectionsproblem investigations, balcony inspections, specialty evaluations, and permit history reports. Request a proposal now or call (904) 660-2915 to speak with one our experienced team members.